What clients are saying about Aztec Masonry...


We have hired Aztec Masonry on two occasions and have been very impressed with their work on both occasions. The work that they did was of outstanding quality, and we know that we will be able to enjoy the walls that they built for us for many years to come. We would definitely recommend Aztec Masonry to anyone who has stone work that needs to be done.

Thank you!
- Eric Engh
Cotati, CA


For quite some time, I had been pondering the possibility of installing a flagstone patio myself. Fortunately, I decided to leave the job to the professionals and discovered Leo from Aztec Masonry in Santa Rosa. Leo came out to take a look at what I had in mind. He seemed very confident that he and his partner, Andrew, could handle the job with ease, siting several examples of flagstone jobs they had performed for clients throughout Sonoma & Marin Countys. After having heard Leo's talk about stonework and his history in the trade, I felt confident that Leo and crew could handle the job and sealed the deal with a handshake.

It was raining the day Leo and Andrew arrived to begin the work, but that did not deter them, as they came prepared with rain suits and tarps to affix above the job-site. It was a true pleasure to watch these craftsmen at work, and work hard they certainly did! Cutting, fitting and laying large pieces of flagstone is no easy task, but Leo & Andrew made it look deceptively easy! And, they strive to ensure the the customer understands the process and enjoy explaining each each step. Leo & Andrew arrived on time each day and would call to let me know if the schedule had changed. As a matter of fact, I held them up most of the time with my scheduling issues - they were always eager to come to work! As the job neared completion, Leo made it very clear that they would be more than happy to repair or change anything I saw that I was not happy with. They even pointed-out little things I would not have noticed and improved the areas, stating that they, "Are very proud of their work," and "want to make sure the job is done correctly and the customer is pleased."

All said and done, I couldn't be happier with my new flagstone patio installation by Aztec Masonry - it is absolutely beautiful! Leo & Andrew are true craftsmen, very skilled at their trade and are a pleasure to work with! I can confidently recommend Aztec Masonry to anyone looking for professional-quality stonework.

Thanks again!
- Dino Basaldella
Sonoma County Web


Hi Leo,

Thank you for the wonderful job you did on cleaning my koi fish pond and waterfall. It was quite a treat to find out they had all survived the murky waters over the winter, and that I have a sparkling waterfall to entertain my birthday guests next weeks. You are very talented in your ability to fix the water pump and get the whole pumping system running in the right direction. I did not understand all the valves when I turned it off a few months ago, and was flooding my neighbors' backyards. Thanks to you and your crew, the water is now going only over the falls and back through the filtering system. You left the whole area neat and clean, and even cleaned out debris that had collected behind the landscaping at the back of the waterfall. I am extremely happy with your services and will be calling you again soon for a couple of other projects on my list!

Thank you!
- Jill Scott
Petaluma Garden Village