Santa Rosa Stone Masonry - Labor Rates

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Title: General Laborer / Chalan Price: $15/Hour
Job Description:
Follows directions/instructions from Mason. Makes mortar like instructed, unloads vehicles truck/vans, cars, wheel barrows, brings in materials, picks up garage, picks up and puts tools away neatly every day, digs trenches, digs footings/foundations, woks as a team player, listens/learns from his teaching Mason.

Title: Skilled Laborer / Macuarro Price: $18/Hour
Job Description:
Does all General Labor duties plus: Cuts/Shapes chisels; Stones, Bricks, Blocks, cuts wood for framing forms/foundations, Capable of using 60/90 Lbs Jack Hammer Air and/or Electric, Capable of using Bibra-Plate Compactor, Prepares; Rocks, Bricks, Blocks, for Mason to lay, Cleans; Stones, Bricks, Blocks under specific technique taught to him by lead Mason, Grouts with grout cone, Grouts with Mason trowels,

Title: Half Trowel / Media Cuchara Price: $20/Hour
Job Description:
Everything a General Labor & a Skilled Laborer does plus: Lays; Stones, Bricks, Blocks, Pavers, Etc., etc., under specific instructions and techniques taught to him by Mason in charge of current project, Drives Aztec Masonry Trucks/Vehicles to pick up Materials or tools needed to continue working for current day, Must be bilingual English / Spanish or learn on the job prior to promotion to Half Trowel, Capable of teaching General Labor & Skilled Labor how to work like Him, Capable of doing Mason work in an emergency

Title: Mason / Bricklayer, Maistro/Albanil Price: $25-30/ Hour
Job Description:
Everything a General Labor, Skilled Labor, Half Trowel does plus: Lays at least 30 Lineal feet of Sonoma/Napa fieldstone, makes & lays at least 20 lineal feet of cap/finished work per 8 hour day, Shapes with; Saw, Grinder, Chisels, Sledge Hammer, at least 10 square feet of other types of stones & lays them with Type S Mortar, Makes Cuts/Shapes at least 60 Square feet of Flagstone per day, Lays at least 100 Square feet of Flagstone per day, Lays at least 30 square feet of Brick finished work per day, Lays at least 60-80 Concrete Blocks per day, Knows how to Level/Compact floors, Knows “Which way the water flows”, Teaches; General Laborer, Skilled Laborer, Halve trowel how to work using Aztec Masonry techniques, Listens to Masonry (Leo Reynoso) Contractor and Home owner.

Title: Masonry Contractor / Eligio (Leo) Reynoso, Price: $35-$45/ Hour
Job Description:
Everything a General Laborer, Skilled Laborer, Halve Trowel, Mason does plus: Deal directly with the Homeowner / Client, Applies for Permits with the Local or State Authorities necessary to complete project, Passes Building Inspections, Follows Current California Building codes, Reads Blue Prints, Makes/Draws Blue Prints for Home owner to approve, Gives Free Estimates, Gives Honest “How to build it your self advise”, Teaches Home owner how project is being built at his property, Teaches a person or group of persons how work in Masonry at Homeowners request, Homeowners/Clients can hire Masonry Contractor to run their jobs with their own people.