How to mix mortar by Aztec Masonry

Elegio Reynoso provides the following method:

First you start by putting 12-14 shovels (Spade shovel) of Sand (Olly I, Olly II, or Plaster) into a weal-barrow. Then add half of a 94 pound (47 Lbs Sacks are available) Sack of Portland Cement Type II-V. Next you add two shovels of Mortar Clay or Lime. These are the ingredients needed to make your own batch of Type S Mortar. You can also buy pre-mixed and packaged Type S Mortar, ready to use. Once you put all the ingredients in the wheel-barrow you will need to dry mix using a spade shovel. Mix all the ingredients until you notice everything looks the same color; this takes about five minutes. You should add water from a five gallon bucket container about 1/3 of the bucket a time. Using a spade shovel move the mortar back and forth; make sure you reach the the bottom every time. Adding water 1/3 of a bucket at a time makes is possible to control your mix. Once you start adding water and mixing; this process should take you about 5-10 minutes tops. If you find your-self or your Laborer taking more than 15 minutes to mix Mortar; something is wrong. Mortar should be used with in two hours of being properly mixed. If for any reason you find your-self or your mason not using the mortar within two hours: You, Mason, or Labor should add more Portland (one or two shovels) cement and re-mix again.

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